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At JW LED Inc, we're very focused on providing the industry with high-quality LED light fixtures for all applications, giving you better lighting while reducing lighting costs.

Our business journey began when the trusty old fluorescent lights in our fabrication shop were burning out. LED lighting was in discussion, but we were only able to source the LED tubes, but no metal fixtures. We decided to create our own fixtures, since we already had the relevant machinery and paint shop connections.

We designed and then manufactured our own first fixtures. We assembled them and put in the LED tubes, and mounted them in our shop. Little by little we got some requests for these fixtures from our neighbors and friends, so we organized our own small lighting business, which has only grown since as we upgraded and broadened our product offering. 

Today, we're offering fully certified lighting packages for INDUSTRIAL, AGRICULTURAL as well as COMMERCIAL applications. We manufacture our fixtures locally, beginning with laser fabrication, adding powder painting and finishing with assembly and stocking.

We use high grade aluminum for our LED boards and only buy top end LED chips, giving our boards ratings to run for more than 50,000 hours. With our own SMT line, we are capable of populating the LED boards with a variety of IN STOCK color options from warm white to cool white. The LED Driver is the ENGINE of a light fixture and the drivers we use are currently chosen because of PERFORMANCE and DURABILITY. We stock these parts for each fixture we make and they are covered by our 5 year standard warranty allowing us to provide AFTER SALES SERVICE.

Our main focus is to provide installers and home owners with competitive, always-in-stock unique light fixtures that are easy to install and suitable for the application while providing enough or more than enough light for the area.

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